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SgtRock 06-15-2004 08:39 PM

The military wing adopts an hitting operation in a group the unification...
Jmaaaaaltouheedwaljhadttbnaaamliyadrb the contractors 'Lajanb in

The military wing adopts an hitting operation in a group the unification and the struggle the contractors 'Lajanb in Baghdad

In the name of God the Gracious Merciful

Al-Hamad, the prayer and the peace on our prophet and our leader Mohammad an God envoy, high his family and his friendship and as of gods to a day receive;

As for after: so in a God success condescended 'Khwankm in task force struggler did martyrdom the dependent for the military wing in a an successful ambush monument aimed a convoy of mercenary for a group the unification and the struggle 'Laalouj in the capital circle Iraqi Baghdad, high upon Dumrt several cars from them in all, and scattered remnants infidelity everywhere; in counting and the enemy forces did to a street in conductive the region and the way Al-Saadoun and prohibited reaching to the region, and tried in all ways the discretion on the event as her habit.. Ask God condescended he accelerates Bhmjmeeaaana to the fire.

This lead to the operations and a clear letter the landmarks Ll'mreekan that your way to the Moslems countries will not become in the easiness that imagine and dictate, are and a group the unification and the struggle and the Moslems youngsters what disappeared on The epoch, past on the way, determined on facing for the sake of God, advocates of their religion their symptoms and their moneys.

The Moslems are capable whatever her possibility reached and her abilities on hitting bigger and so the gangs war does not rely only on the military work size, but on his trace moral and as a secret the enemy prestige In Nfous people also, thus what persevered is not being fightinged on his practice and his adoption in Mnazlthall'mreekan and their allies.

'L'mreekan are and their allies important in a palaver of an ability on spying the eavesdropping and the observation, will not can are prohibit a God quantity valid and his matter past, and their ability their equipment advanced superior of an interdiction Execution what his God by his slaves is not being fightinged their opposite where so 'La CIA and FBI tens and the equipment the security who their allies mercenary the defectors Mnhdhh the operations the consecration

Are us soled for everybody so are our clash with 'L'mreekan as of behind them from the two betrayers and her blaze will not stop or suppress her fire until to liberate the countries slaves and from them or 'L'aajl die from us.
Invited also the Moslems youngsters are for the defense of their religion and the victory for their doctrine and the defense of their nations so the living m except the prestige living the dignity and the pottery.

On them and endure Weesabrwaweerabtwaweehtsbwa what befall them for the sake of God we are not so infidel whether, a mouth befall us leased for us and an ammunition at God prestige scared " evolved know are them Y'lmoun know also and hope a money of God shake " the women is our killing and so killed us in the paradise and killed them in the fire " accounted who killed for the sake of God 'Mwatan but a biology At their master endow..." Omran reached
High 'L'mreekan are Yntzrwa what threatened them with him and pledged us God and our nation on him " he diminished may lurk us except one we and 'Lhsnyeen lurk he be silent God be right you from stubborn agonizingly or B'eedeena so lurked are with you Mtrbsoun " the repentance.

The wing 'Laaksree
In a group the unification and the struggle
Monday, 26 springs second, 1425
Agreeable 14 06 2004

Supply who the piety are you Latdree

If jinn make living to the daybreak

SgtRock 06-15-2004 09:05 PM

The resistance Iraqi and the terrorism 'Lamreekee counteracting - 7
The resistance Iraqi and the terrorism 'Lamreekee counteracting - 7

The source 'Lawllmzloumiya Shiites he some their references who tried investment the authority for a building imperial especially theirs Wlabna'hm who in their counting, and allowed Labna'hm inherit moneys Shiites poor Leetmtaawa in all The enjoyments until that religious illicit, and for a m hear someday a reference built the residential for poor complex in 'Ee from their cities, or 'Shm in a paving a street, and for a m see a hospital Or a school or an university modern, some references are strange in the matter Baadan from this hold the projects outside Iraq and deny Shiites from her.
Dr. Musa Al-Husseini

'Stkhdam the sectarianism as a weapon for facing the resistance

People Iraqi be divided to two sects Shiites R'eeseeteen, and the year. Roaming compatible and between them as they an inside each one from them, Shiites so Aamouman from 'Lathna decimal he not is who an 'Lasmaaaeeliya example belongs for other sects Shiites in them and, 'Lzeediya, Upper, and the year in predominant from the faucet, he not is from the other doctrines 'Bna' between them except what he realized. As for the harmony so 'Lbeenee familiarize in the origin to tribal, so defeat the big Iraqi clans an example roll up, Zbeed, Honorable Sir, 'Ljbour, Rabyah, an adoration, distributed between Two sects, until the gentlemen Byoutat ( who descend from an 'Lamam offspring on) in secondary the two presidents Walhsniya, an 'Lous example, a bliss, captain, in Razan others and from the gentlemen The year, facing 'L Yasser, 'Khoua Sumayet, 'Lhsouna, the the religion diadem, the the religion camels, the a numerous others span from the gentlemen Aawa'l Shiite .

'Ee did not happen in the countries modern Iraqi date a disagreement - Shiite Sunni, and for a m happen are a Shkhsan killing one from the party the other his doctrine. Register the date to once in an epoch - a confrontation firstborn, the 1977 year, and Yuqtl jail people because spread them. With and that took the crisis the struggle formed and a category between the government or a sect from people, and for a m Lttkhdh ascend a struggle shape or a war between the two sects.

System step out - a confrontation firstborn a close play in her events and her phraseologies what the governor plays him Breemr of plays now. A her summary novel are know us and an unit resembles the dictatorships and the occupation phraseologies in the people deception through moving in an extent, and a their sights direction towards the outside, for the control on a internal crisis. Falling and a old Meekafeelee principle.
And the story she people be accustomed on the feet, rests, in an forty occasion ( a passage 40 Youman after a 'Lamam death Al-Hussein), of differing to a city Krbla', the processes were senior reduced the participants with regard to, that that depart from the Najaf city.

The government wants her interdiction Khoufan turn to gatherings or processes political, her seizure or a control become difficult on her. Wkhoufan who confront her interdiction Bshkl clear an a big popularity action cans to unsettle, fabricated the security services a conspiracy contingency claimed in her are one persons Syrian ( 'Lajanb now, in terms of Breemr) blasting wanted Al-Hussein, and an accusation thereby impudent. And overdid the services so considered in her funnel old are in Najaf responsible of an organization this driven, agents organized the processes B'tfaq with the Syrian intelligence for . Formed and exceptional an 'Aadmt immediacy courts issued judgments in the announcement night soul Balaaadam of the alleged conspiracy in a right 48 persons and occurred a jail increased who 2000 diagnosed delayed. And the information means took a a envious 'Lajanb language hesitation, 'Lmghtadeen of the luxury that 'Naam in it Iraq under the system, and an one of extremism 'Lshfeen of mercenary antagonist American fabricated and After, of whom he rooted his, so doubted Baqdhaa in arabism Najaf 'Hl to a their cursing limit the swearwords.(28) relieved the play for her sleeve or want her playing Mr. Breemr.

If exchanged us alleged Syrian Balzrqawee, the novel will resemble Bshkl, until released the pens, but some and political forces that drummed for the circulation leave now for a Syrian destructive story this For a 'Lzrqawee story, and for the envy and the other topic that the freedom and the stability who Balrfah get blind with regard to Iraqi controls in approaches some Arabs under all from the two governors Saddam Hussein Wbreemr.

That she an operation kill Shiite is Shiite only in her. The two parties 'Bna' before that were the differences make forget Mdhhbiya between them Leetouhdwamamay a foreign threat or until if were Islamic Arabic, clearly in the cohesive unified position that appeared With regard to 'Lakhwan attacks on the clans ( 'Louhabyeen) Arabic Shiite pervasive in regions west of a Euphrates, a a Al Nasiriah city south a day 11/3/1922 so big numbers killed who 'Bna' this the clans and ravaged their moneys their livestock and.

The contingency 'Stfzt all Iraqi feelings, and led Sheik Mohammad offered complete a a a large popularity protest movement focused about two requests:

1 - the acceleration in the occupation liquidation the British, Wmkhlfath.
2 - the government holding is Iraqi the defense responsibility of Iraq in establishing the effective units and the initiative in the army ascend and with him for a level the ability on the defense of the citizens security.

Invited Sheik Mohammad offered complete to a for my representative conference held the cities and the clans in a Krbla' city, representatives participated in him of Tkreet and the conductor Wsamra', and 'Hl sent Tkreetmdbtaee'kdoun On their determination for the traffic back Sheik complete and their readiness for the defense in the money and the spirits for the taking Btharahl Al Nasiriah. Participated the year worlds in Baghdad in the conference also in a senior Shiite delegation. And organized the demonstrations in the capital a support for the conference. And held M'tmran facing while old stood against the conference in the garment city, claim in staying the occupation, granting and the defense canned of Iraq.( 29)

Register the date this to disturb the British occupation authority Ktheeran in her while.

As for what is said Shiites of Mzloumiya, he so an new emblem appeared strongly after a Kuwait war. Falling and a claim a historic logic be based on 'Ee. Besieged Shiites their souls in fatwa, and for a m besiege them one. The king sought Faysal 'Lawl for establishing the ministry 'Lawla in a Shiite leadership and a majority, sending and Sheik Abd Al-Wahed closed for this to Najaf, but Sheik in the repulsion and the refusal Quoubl, what he had The king Faysal adopt Klyan on the previous officers group in the army the ottoman, for a his governments formation successive.

When the sect 'Bna' began in break, in a prescription fatwa, and the governmental teachers entry, occupied who ready for the cooperation with the royal system the centers 'Fdl until a Prime Minister position, The human 'Lnzr of his doctrine, on what want from 'Mtyaz functional and a finance, and address for the resentment who stand in the opposition line. So the interests the policy, and the desire in the persistence in the authority, she was the criteria that control in differing in the system gentlemen attitude, 'Ee accepted a other consideration.

An senior a number income from the ministers Shiites, to and once in the Iraqi ministries date, in the ministerial configurations in the epochs calculated on the Naserist nationalistic current, an all-knowing 'Lakhween epoch, Accused Zlman in the sectarianism.

The Shiite sect youngsters and in a shape is basic in the currents formation as he contributed the three basic policy ( the communism, sending, Al Nasiriah) ( 31), and the sectarianism disappeared or almost disappear In period Khmsnyat sixties and the century past. Except her appearance later was the one dictatorship outputs, as she horsefly clannish tribal and the affiliation for the city.

The Emperor came the new dictator, Mr. Brmeer to use a his ancestor phraseologies soul, Mstfeedan of the psychological warfare that he addressed results its the human is Iraqi. Psychological warfare, and the Zionism war and the hard-line Christian right, realized Breemr - as he Kouks who he accepted - the national unit force so he left play Tarh in his frank name, And in a sometimes other 'Lzrqawee name because of his paralyzation in the zionist known project accomplishment in a name - 'Tyan Sharon so, for a Iraq division, Saad of his campaign in 'Lathara the sectarianism, hopefully beseiging The resistance and an interdiction her spread for the regions Shiite , and an accomplishment the dream the Zionist old in a plant the loveliness.

So personality innovate 'Lzrqawee, and he added of the clear imprints on her what match and his diagram.
Sunni 'Lzrqawee a a criminal killer kills my no religious ethical values without a mercy or a consideration.
The triangle Sunni, 'Lard that depart from her the resistance and adjoin and protect 'Lzrqawee.
The resistance.
High basis 'Lyat what know the policeman connectedly, and psychological warfare laws and bases in the assembled symbols use, and a m cans to play him in the people brains, and a 'Drakathm clutter And their awareness, the Sunni attribute associates in the repetition in the resistance and the killing.
'Lzrqawee murderous Sunni.
The Sunni triangle.
The resistance.
In the repetition Walayha', also, the human make forget a 'Lzrqawee name, and the triangle expression and form the photography in the human mind in the following shape:

Sunni = a my terrorism killer.

The resistance Saniyah she 'Dhan practical mere killed 'Rhabiya. 'Ltsnn become Mradfan for a meaning the killing and the terrorism, and Sunni becomes Moudouaaan for the fear Wmsdran in the Shiite brain, and the fear may turns to an attack, if ascended his manner. His conditions 'Laql shrillness push the human for the caution and the divergence of his source. And that a advanced step in the resistance separation of her environment in a Iraq south. 'La ascended the resistance operations in the south that and a indication formation clear on a depth the human awareness Iraqi, and a 'Eemanh firmness Boutna and his identity 'Laarbiya-'Laslamiya. And a failure Breemralzrqawee all and what stand behind him of a momentum and a my information clamor.

He contributed Shiites modern Bshkl in the countries formation Iraqi in their revolution eternal known in a revolution twenty, and no Yhdmwa what erected. As for develop this the person or that who to promote for between Shiites and the year Sunni from 'Trouhatbreemrfstdhb their dreams, as she planned 'Syadhm for cesspit.And the sectarianism Waltsnn Barra' from them, their goals and their trends known, and for a m was the concern on the doctrine Wabna'h he the motive real Lmthlhdhh the approaches.

Wadha our speak candidly, and now 'Houj what are for the frankness Falkl concerned intended and in that the dilapidation and the destruction the diagram his continue not to follow the damage Waladhababna'na who the generations the incoming, the source 'Lawllmzloumiya Shiites he some their references who tried investment the authority for a building imperial especially theirs Wlabna'hm who in their counting, and allowed Labna'hm inherit moneys Shiites poor Leetmtaawa in all the enjoyments until That religious illicit, and for a m hear someday a reference built the residential for poor complex in 'Ee from their cities, or 'Shm in a paving a street, and for a m see a hospital or a school Or an modern university, some references are strange in the matter Baadan from this hold the projects outside Iraq and deny Shiites from her. And and the these references dealers suffer of the living hardship much from clergymen young, their wyeth in the greed who complain from them enjoy 'Labna'walaqarb and in all the luxury that does not abound Laghna the merchants secular. All that in a name Mzloumiya Shiites that push the Shiites remainder be abundant on them in the world the donations and the contributions that Laysl for Shiites from her Shee'an, but they are claimants in paying and the contribution For institutions do not return on one of in the advantage, but she in predominant institutions can to his and insert under the publicity concept for supporting returned imperial that to fill.

The occupation time, and an exchange who annex a ''Mtna biography in their position the favor 'Lajnbee,Kma take form from the occupier that clearly Llamam decorated worshippers on the carpet ( Aa) in the mouths call An upland are Mr. the reference 'Lseestanee make busy Shiites and divide their lines and for his partisans allowed with partisans in this critical phase for the competition Mr. the bust Mqtda about the Shiite beds administration, KA this is she and The big problem in the crisis that countries Iraqi lives her now, or that will end Shiites Mzloumiya, but 'Daaf his role 'Daaf a role thereby Mr. Mqtda that for compaction looks The Iraqi for facing lines, Wadha chose Mr. 'Lseestanee historic cedes of his role imposed is religious on him facing the occupation, on him give the two others the freedom in this 'Da' The role and he keeps in a respect and the everybody estimation.

Then when he intervenes and for the defense invites for the elections as an alternative for the project of people Iraqi Mzloumiya American that plan for moving from Breemr for the embassy American, cancel in the second soul this request, 'Ee The saying in the thing and his opposite at the same time, falling and what 'Shbh the for adsorption maneuver of the occupation with the conservation on an Hafyzh excitement execute the occupation authority, the step that supported, In the end, the diversionary policy for an authority the occupation, that in contentments began be martyred Mr. in execute the elections measure 'Mkaniya.

When he binds Mr. the elections request in a United Nations counsel KA he is and and for a m does not know note United Nations turned to mere an office continued for housee white, and the external ministry is American. Cancel the accessibility that he did on her 'Lass thereby the diligence principle an origin.
Wish he is Mr. loyal from the lands 'La'ma, the carpet Falamam invite the mouths in a call for the state soldiers 'Lamwiya, the army soul that a 'Beeh killing and 70 who 'Hl his and his partisans, 'Ee he is the Moslems and the authority that sentence her distinguish between a state, whether 'Kant just unfair. Also wish are is his in a 'Lmeerza biography Mhmdhsnalsheerazywalmeerza pious 'Lsheerazee old and Mohammad offered complete and their other from the references the bones 'Soua in the position of the occupation. Was not an 'Ltnbak issue or the modality in Iran or occur what conduct for Iraq of an occupation with a permission for all what sacred. Correct the worlds are Shiites agreed in the elementary struggle is he of a 'Lamam specialization, 'La they are Walseestanee who between them Ytfqoun in are the defensive struggle of the reference specialization, a dealer 'Lamam. Falling and claiming because a clear position adopts the date Yulzm because he mentions him also in good tomorrow of the occupation a situation Mr. pious 'Lsheerazee complete.

Confiscated Hwashee and
28: Musa Al-Husseini, exclusively bright-eyed and the new sectarian speech, Beirut: Kawthar ran, 2000.
29: for the knowledge on movement details Sheik Mohammad offered complete, manage the return for the following sources :
- Abd Al-Razzak Al-Hassany, the ministries date is Iraqi, Baghdad: he spread without he ran 1988, J1, S: 80 - 95.
- Dr. On Al-Wardi, sociability glimpses of a modern Iraq date, London: Koufan ran, J6, S: 140 - 152.
- A Hussein hope Hosni the speech, Iraq - between 1927 1921, Baghdad: he spread without he ran without a date, S: 273 - 293.
30: noted a letter text Sheik Abd Al-Wahed a sugar in, Dr. On Al-Wardi, a previous source, S: 122 - 123.
31: the participation size diverted Labna' in a formation roaming Shiite this the directions three, noted :
- Btatou sympathized, Iraq: the social layers and the revolutionary movements, a translation chaste 'Lrzaz, Beirut: the researches institution Arabic, 1992. Especially second third and.
- Majeed Khdouree, Iraq the republican, Beirut: the united house for the publishing, 1974.

SgtRock 06-17-2004 12:16 AM

News of a killing American in an a booby-trapped car explosion in the emphasis
The renewal forum the sections the accessibility the political forum God 'Kbr/'Nba'aanmqtl7 in 'Nfjarsyara American Mlghoumab

God 'Kbr/'Nba'aanmqtl7 in 'Nfjarsyara American Mlghoumab

The emphasis ( Iraq) - a service Brs sanctified

God 'Kbr/'Nba'aanmqtl7 in 'Nfjarsyara American Mlghoumabalanbar*'Llh bigger
News of a killing American in an a booby-trapped car explosion in the emphasis

Said, the capital west Iraqi Baghdad, has killed in a life seven American four and.
And said the source that a favor execute uncovering of his identity for obsever a for agency field " sanctified Brs " are the car booby-trapped, that exploded on one the way in a city, and an nearness identification The senior gray mosque ( copulated a confrontation previously), were of a kind " Shoufrleet " a fare, American has exploded at a patrol passage.

And assured the source to lead for soldiers of a Hmfee kind and a carrier to a car destruction. As a car bombardment occurred of a kind " as a O ", he believes she is diminish elements in the American intelligence. And added the attack fell in eighth in the morning in the timing local.

Mention the gray city and regions that witnesses the continuous American forces opposite operations west of Iraq, promise this the regions she 'L'shd a resistance the most and 'Ieelama for the forces American, that failed throughout He increased of a year on curbing.

Supply who the piety are you Latdree

If jinn make living to the daybreak

06-16-2004 08:03 PM

SgtRock 06-17-2004 12:20 AM

Destruction 'Lamreekan and a victory brave Fa war assistant
Forum the renewal the sections the accessibility the forum the politician destruction 'Lamreekan and a victory brave Fa war assistant

Destruction 'Lamreekan and a victory brave Fa war assistant

In the name of God the Gracious Merciful

'Lakhouaalaaaza',,, the peace on you and a mercy God condescended Wbrkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath

What disappeared news the victories great 'Lta her registering the resistance Iraqi valorous Bahrf who light continue for reaching the day in the nighttime Bla off and for the god Al-Hamad and the aphid

1 - 'Hraq 4 transporting 'Lmaniya manufactured ( Qlab) Balflouja north martyred near the antagonist was and transporting endurance a sand for the forces 'Lamreekiyafa the region

2 - a two Hmr cars destruction Balsqlawiyafa an resistant his monument ambush led to a killing 4 'Mreekan soldiers were aboard 'Lawl and an injury who were Balthana and occurred their moving in a 'Mreekiya helicopter After the accident direct

3 - four 'Mreekyeen soldiers killed 'M under their car from a Ja brand in a plant a bomb Sa a model 2004 and that after their stoppage near Jraj Baghdad at the station the accessibility Llatoubeesatalta Progress the service for the travelers to Iraqi different

4 - released a missile ( Sa 5 Ka) on transport aircraft Fa an airport and Baghdad chewed the missile at her take off the goal 'Kht'

5 - 3 killed who Iraqi the 6 for police dependent cars Wahraq and that Fa an Baghdad east

6 - an new attack on the oil 'Nabeebfa Al-Basra and that Balams who As a rococo what he disappeared stopped the charitable explosions what disappeared and influenced the fire is aflamed Balanabeeb on after fifty kilos from a city

7 - an facing armed outbreak Wednesday touch and that upon a 'Mreekiya patrols penetration in Baghdad in a city the bust in it and he has fallen numerous from the casualties and the casualties the forces lines Faalamreekiya without the ability Who limited 'Lkhsayr

8 - a a retaining 'Llbnana release release has the resistance since a Balams month ( darling Khalil a gladness) and has departed his release thereby before a his release release to Jordan as an engagement upon a release

9 - more who the killing and the torture waits the enemy around-the-clock the apparent facing nightly reports science moved after

The victory on the doors God wanted the struggle what struggler Lakhwankm managed Famkan in the call on you and

The peace on you and a mercy God condescended his Barakat and

06-17-200401:45 AM

SgtRock 06-17-2004 08:47 PM

Where the C was 'Yayh when hit old who the terrorist accepted Nayef?
Where the C was 'Yayh when hit old who the terrorist accepted Nayef?

'Ee did not hear a word 'Lamreekiya export Laastnkar of the administration Wlakheebaaml when clinging peaceful suppressed and the two prisons torture opposite in the criminal jails against the dictatorship Nayef a Sa'oud bin, in all a savagery Knew her who Nayef Wshrdhmth terrorist

'Een the C was 'Yayh when hit innocent from women and children and their throwing occurred in Basat a shipping specified for the criminals?

'Een were Bush when old took a hostage until to come 'Bna'hm who participated in clinging in the jails?

'Leest actions 'Lsaaoudajramiya in a right our people my father?

'Leest this the actions according to the measures 'Lamreekiya?

'Idhan why to deprecate her 'Lamreekan or on 'Laql why Layaabroun of a 'Mlhm discomfiture in the feral hard dealing that he appeared from ?

Why an Bush administration did in an interdiction the information means 'Lamreekiya of the clinging peaceful coverage against the injustice and the enslavement?

Why an Bush administration launches a Qmaaiya campaign against the claimants in the democracy and the reform instead he gushed in thousands the soldiers for the death spread the democracy in Iraq in an excuse Afghanistan and and the justice accomplishment?

'La can for us claim in it people as a student in the freedom O 'Mreekan?

Why 'Sbhtamreeka a hypocrisy state the cause Bush?

God Maanaaaa and lived the Islam lived the reform lived our people great and lived nation Mohammad S free 'Biya the victory for us and defeat and the shame Lalsaaoud and their state detective

06-17-2004 09:07 PM

SgtRock 06-17-2004 09:48 PM

Resistance fighters in al-Fallujah killed seven supporters of Chelebi
Iraqi Resistance reports on killing of Chelebi men in attack on al-Fallujah.
A source close to the Iraqi Resistance has reported that Resistance fighters in al-Fallujah killed seven supporters of the so-called Iraqi National Congress (INC) Party, a traitor collaborationist organization run by convicted thief Ahmad al-Chelebi. They were killed in connection with their attack on the security headquarters in al-Fallujah several days ago in which 12 security men were killed and others wounded.

The corpses of the seven Chelebi men were delivered to their relatives.
The source close to the Resistance told Quds Press on Tuesday that the seven were apprehended after they fired mortars at the headquarters of the al-Fallujah security brigade, killing 12 security men and wounding and number of others. Following the attack, Resistance fighters surrounded the cemetery in which the INC traitors had taken cover. Seven of the attackers were captured. During their interrogation it was learned that they were followers of Ahmad Chelebi.

SgtRock 06-18-2004 09:43 PM

A killing American soldier and an foreign contractor affliction in an in Iraq attack
A killing American soldier and an foreign contractor affliction in an in Iraq attack

A year: Arab World: Friday 29 other springs 1425ha - June 2004 m an 11:15 other m in a Mecca timing

The Islam notebook: a American soldier killed he and a contractor works with a company ' Keelough Brown 'Nd rote ' in the in mortar attack on a for forces base ' the alliance ' today Friday also A military speaker benefitted 'Mreekee.

His ' [ 'R] Projectiles a mortar on a American base '. And for a m the statement clarifies the casualty nationality. And a company ' Keelough Brown 'Nd rote ' she a branch from a company ' Haleebrtoun ' oil giant.

A Dhee context a link mentioned Al-Jazeera in eloquent injuries second respectively clashes Between the Iraqi resistant American occupation forces.

Al Nasiriah mentioned sources in the police in and are three a Iraq southerner. And said the source is the accident he is first of his kind in a city,,,

SgtRock 06-20-2004 05:09 PM

the allies army execute an operation a police center percussion Thrb a Baghdad north
Struggler 'Ikhwankm in the allies army execute an operation a a a police center percussion Thrb a Baghdad north

In the name of God the Gracious Merciful

Said - condescended -: ( so not kill polytheist Wjdtmouhmoukhdhouhmwahsrouhm sit down and theirs all observatory) the repentance: 'L'aaaiya 5

An ability 'Ikhwankm in the allies army is not being fightinged - thanks to God condescended - from Dkّ one the infidelity and the employment 'Oukar for the crusaders, falling and a police center Thrb the reality the capital north Baghdad, Where held a meeting in him in the municipal council in a presence a crowd of the forces the crusader preside them a big general with a group from the clans individuals for the forces occupied and protect them 'Lmeeleeshyat renegade the dependent for the forces The named crusade in Iraqi forces the civic defense and the police, has managed - in a success struggler of God and his aid - of an car insertion booby-trapped to the building inside after a God blind eyesights The infidels blinded their insight who he accepted also, and the car percussion occurred,, and scattered the corpses the infidels, so a killing of a killing from them , and an injury from an injury, the information means have announced this operation, thus he the infidels agony in 'Ldnya by slaves God believable, and for the hereafter agony tighten and kept ( and will know Who oppressed any resorts capsize).

And God and a peace prayed on our prophet Mohammad and on entireties gods and his friendship.

The commission military for an army allies.

2 first solid 1425

20 6 2004

Casey 06-20-2004 09:15 PM

Re: Iraq
Iraqi Turkoman Islamic Movement Issues Statement on Sidelining of Role
19 Jun 04

Arbil: Turkomaneli in Arabic 1240 GMT 19 Jun 04 [Report: "Statement" by the Iraqi Turkoman Islamic Movement]

The Iraqi Turkoman Islamic Movement issued a statement regarding the caretaker government and the sidelining of the role of the Turkomans. The following is the text:

The formation of the interim government is a great move towards the takeover of national sovereignty by the Iraqi people. However, the forged caretaker government suffers a conspicuous shortcoming namely denying the Turkomans' their rights and not allowing them the chance to play a political role as the citizens in one homeland. For the sake of practicing democracy, justice and equality in our new Iraq one of the two vice presidents of the republic or the deputy prime minister was supposed to be a Turkoman and three portfolios were supposed to have been offered to the Turkomans because this is consistent with the size and population of the Turkomans, who are more than three millions.

Sidelining the role of the Turkomans in the new provisional government makes us pose a question which is: Why is the political role of the Turkomans marginalized despite their history that is abounding in cases of defending the homeland and offering sacrifices for the sake of the homeland's unity, its independence and honor. Does the historic enmity of certain Iraqi sides and some countries affect the loyal, true Iraqis and cause them to sideline the role of the Turkomans?

Therefore we hold those who have superintended the formation of the interim government accountable for the continued injustice inflicted on the Turkomans. Do they want us to take up arms and stain our hand with the blood of the Iraqis? We are capable of that, however we are people of dialogue and do not want to stain our hands with the blood of our brothers and do not wish to be forced to do so.

We demand the new interim government to address this and solve the problem and the situation by making certain amendments and offering the political role to the Turkomans so that we can feel that we have terminated injustice as well as dictatorship in Iraq.

We hope that the esteemed caretaker government will make efforts to establish security and stability and will build Iraq into a civilized construction by applying democracy and upholding Iraqi's unity, land and people.

Signed: The Islamic Movement of the Iraqi Turkomans.

Casey 06-21-2004 09:10 PM

Re: Iraq
Al-Faloga calls you the militants

Al-Faloga calls you that a rule have become to the militants and the militants in it Ydhron publicly in the daytime a thing does not harm them by Allah ear and they have become choosing as arbitrator the God's decree in it and repair the security in it and the Iraqi police its task in Al-Faloga it received the salaries only and sold the ammunition to the militants and the ways to Al-Faloga its many and the praise of Allah by means of Kuwait and by means of Iran and this a plain oh Allah who some of the mines that on the borders and by means of Kurdistan and is not by means of Turkey and by means of Jordan through the desert and about an apparent way Syria and by means of Saudi Arabia and this the danger of very Falbdar Albdar you the militants are its observer I know only a single way only and he is by Allah ear Mzmon


Peace be upon you my brothers in Allah who can not that it fights himself then it does not become stingy with its money then the sheikhs receive the donations from you and connect them to the militants in Al-Faloga by Allah ear and who wanted that it gives us a thing from the donations we led it to the militants in Al-Faloga by Allah ear and who does not trust us then what on it but it takes its money to one of the sheikhs or the science students and they Ysnounh by Allah ear and connect it to the militants in Al-Faloga


Peace be upon you your brother is a guard Osama and Allah the good guard I bode you and help brother that perished
On all who the departure for the branches land wanted the correspondence on Almasngr split by Allah on that

I want the wage from Allah and Allah on a witness Maaqol and as a matter of saying the messenger of Allah peace be upon him

( who he was prepared a gaseous he has invaded )


By an in the name of to Allah the Most Gracious Most Merciful

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you as for after Allah in yourself was avoided what is the shaking of the speech O ( apparent and apparent )

I advise you to a face to Allah O ( apparent and apparent ) not to she bears a sin and a sin and the treachery of the sent speech from your tongue

( ( ( ( you the militants are its observer I know only a single way only and he is by Allah ear Mzmon ) ) ) ) )

I say that denied and there with a speech diagnosed Yozid that ( it eats from its Muslim brothers meats )

He means O ( apparent and apparent ) you with the need of the money reaping and was promoted the rank with shaking meaning that the stationed a young man understood in
The forum

And does she know O ( apparent and apparent ) that it in prisons Syrian more than 3000 militants is found from a different the world areas they came to the jihad in Iraq and fell in the trap .And no around and no power is except its wetness
And many of the militants are chained in the countries prisons near to Iraq and the deportation of tens of militants has taken place from the prisons of the Arab countries to glass Qntnamo with agreements that promise it its secrets together America for a getting rid of them and cursed Allah on the hypocrites
For me Allah suffices, and He's the best Guardian
For me Allah suffices, and He's the best Guardian
For me Allah suffices, and He's the best Guardian

( O you the stationed a young man realized and Allah is that I say the truth word it does not be conceited one of you with the speech of the mentioned person its above )

Casey 06-23-2004 09:58 AM

Re: Iraq
A missile attack inflicts great damages on the American base in Alsqlawy
Tuesday 4 Jumada I 1425 ه - 22 June 2004 DAY other 7 : 20 in the local time of Mecca

The Islam thinker : [ a special ] the fighters of the Al-Faloga of the American base in Alsqlawea region with missile attack targeted at fifth from today in the morning .

And a correspondent was informed ' the Islam thinker ' about eyewitnesses from the region peoples is that the attack targeted the palace of Aldhami located in the north of Alsqlawea and that the American occupation forces take a headquarters of them, where the resisters carried out the shooting of 4 missiles towards the palace .

And the correspondent clarified that Aldhami palace consists of two buildings two one of them a senior and the other one without the first in the size, and that the missiles that the resisters gave injured the small building, and that a single missile injured the big building, and the injury was direct .And peoples described the region the explosion by that it [ a horrible explosion ] .

And according to the region citizens novel, this rule in it more than is found 150 vehicles belonging to the American occupation army what between a tank and an armoured vehicle and a car from taunt kind, and the explosion has fallen in the fit acceptance time between the occupation soldiers and he a bigger meeting time a number of the occupation soldiers in the Al-Qaeda, and this means that the resistance could that it penetrates the lines of the American Al-Qaeda where it reached those accurate information around the shifts change dates inside the Al-Qaeda .

And from it is worth mentioning that the missiles that the resisters used in hitting the American base, the one from it equals the power of the missile that targeted the two houses in Al-Faloga before three days where 37 of Al-Faloga resisters and many of the children and the women were martyred .
This and the American occupation forces have carried out the curbing of the peasant district for their belief that the missiles have been shot from it where the peasant district falls in the western part from the shore that the Al-Qaeda falls on to his side the eastern،،،

Palmyra explosive device Hmr 's car is American on its deck six American soldiers a complete destruction

The Islam thinker : [ a special ] the resistance fighters in Al-Faloga city managed the destruction of Hmr 's car an Americanism a complete destruction by the one(s) who were on its deck from the soldiers of the American occupation . And a correspondent mentioned ' the Islam thinker ' in the city that it في تمام at 5.30 من عصر yesterday monday the destruction of the American car took place a complete destruction where it was on its deck six American soldiers . And our correspondent clarified that he the explosion of the car took place at the eastern entrance to Al-Faloga by an explosive device that the control of it took place at a distance as it seems .
And the correspondent added that Jeep Car other it was harmed due to the explosion،،

Al-Qaeda Hunter 06-24-2004 10:52 AM

Re: Iraq
Abu Bakr Alghzi 23-06-2004 11:31

* a video * an Iraqi Friday speech as long as our wishing is its like in the mosques !!!!

Friday speech is a blazing Sunni Iraqism full of the soul of honour and dignity and saturated with the jihad and the dignity be not watched before today on the Arab Internet or spreads, as long as it wished an obedience its like and its view on the platform each true Muslim in him is a sweat from the feeling or a blood !!!!!!!!!! She does not miss you !!!!!!!!!!! The age Alkhtib Alaraqi watched and he makes famous the sword on the platform and cries and the Zionists and the American ones threaten with the slaughter and the cries of the prayers with the exclaiming God is great she shake the place areas !!!!!!

# the speech was available on the site of ' movement the emigrants ' and have found that its site took place that imposed it, but the speech is memorized at me on two institutions, how do I bring it against the Internet ? ؟ ؟ ؟ ؟ ؟ its size is about 7 megabytes #

Abu Bakr Alghzi follow up post

What that I accelerate your participation with the rare speech, have put it in Emile on Alyaho that put him there an open publicly :

He inserted to
In the name of
And the password

And if he changed one of the password Al Iimil conquerors, then I will change it once more ( because I possess the secret question for the restoration of the upper hand on Al Iimil ) and return raising the speech ( if was this a person a mean agent to the Zionists and the crusaders and the apostates and removed it ) !!! Only they informed me here if any of this happened .

And my all is a hope that it gets it who is capable of its bringing against the Internet quickly in a site it is available in it for the lowering .

Al-Qaeda Hunter 06-24-2004 10:55 AM

Re: Iraq

Al-Qaeda Hunter 06-25-2004 06:22 AM

Re: Iraq
Your way is to Al-Faloga a very important
Peace be upon you my brothers in Allah are a pain you hear with the victories of the militants in Al-Faloga that it is the support of Allah you the men are Albdar Albdar of the jihad land by the soul and the money I ready for the aid of any man he wants the departure for Al-Faloga that it was serious that should meet it and so that it takes its reserves if it did not trust us and we also are it is a must from the risk this a chance does not compensate Al-Faloga calls us and we are sitting the Waeibah of Al-Faloga women carried the weapon and we drum behind the system where you O Osama 's guard where the men rushed the paradise will not come us and we are sitting and absorbed in the dreams Albdar Albdar O the jihad people

On the Right 06-25-2004 09:08 AM

Re: Iraq
U.S. Launches Fresh Strike in Fallujah
Friday, June 25, 2004


Photo Essays:•Terrorists Attack Iraqi Police StationsSTORIES BACKGROUND
•U.S. Prepares for Attacks in Baghdad•Terrorists Seek Iraqi WMD Scientists•U.S.: Intel Led to Fallujah Airstrikes•Soldiers Face Charges in Iraqi General's Death•Bush Asks NATO for Help in Iraq•Zarqawi Said Behind Baqouba Attacks•Soldier Appears for Hearing on Prison Abuse•General: Saddam 'Has the Gall' to Complain •Purported Zarqawi Tape Threatens Iraqi PM•U.S. Contractors Still Willing to Work in Danger Zones
FALLUJAH — U.S.-led coalition military forces struck a suspected terrorist safehouse in Fallujah on Friday, hoping to cripple Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's (search) terror network.

"We conducted another attack against the Zarqawi network today: coalition forces conducted another strike on a known Zarqawi network safe house in Southeastern Fallujah, based on multiple confirmations of Iraqi and Coalition intelligence," a senior coalition military official said.

"This operation employed precision weapons to target and destroy the safe house," the official said. As many as 25 people were in the house at the time but it was not clear how many were killed or wounded.

Earlier Friday in Fallujah, explosions and gunfire rocked the turbulent city for a second day Friday, after coordinated attacks in other Iraqi cities killed about 100 people less than a week before Iraq's new government takes power.

U.S. tanks and armored vehicles maneuvered on the highway near the edges of the city, firing in several directions, while armed men in an eastern suburb returned fire, witnesses said. Seven people have died in two days of exchanges there, hospital officials said.

Hours later, a roadside bomb exploded in a residential neighborhood in Baghdad (search), killing one Iraqi policeman and wounding another, police said.

The attacks on security forces fit a pattern of violence that targeted several cities on Thursday, when insurgents set off car bombs and seized police stations in an offensive aimed at creating chaos just days before the handover of power to a new Iraqi government. U.S. and Iraqi forces regained control in heavy fighting, but the day's violence killed about 100 people, most of them Iraqi civilians.

Al-Zarqawi's (search) terror network claimed responsibility for the attacks Thursday. A large number were killed in simultaneous car bombings in the northern city of Mosul, but some also died as U.S. troops battled the guerrillas. Three U.S. soldiers were among the dead. At least 320 people were wounded, including 12 Americans.

As the situation worsened, Iraq's interim vice president warned that a drastic deterioration in the country's security could lead to emergency laws or martial law, however undesirable such measures may be in a democratic society.

"Announcing emergency laws or martial law depends on the nature of the situation. In normal situations, there is clearly no need for that (step)," Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a Shiite and member of the Islamic Dawa Party, told The Associated Press in an interview late Thursday.

"But in cases of excess challenges, emergency laws have their place," he said, adding that any such laws would fall within a "democratic framework that respects the rights of Iraqis."

Iraq's new leaders have recently begun to suggest the possibility of at least some form of martial law in some hotspots around the country as a way of stemming the tide of violence. It is unclear, however, whether U.S. officials would go along with the idea. A U.N. Security Council resolution approved this month gives the United States a primary security role in Iraq even after the transfer of sovereignty Wednesday.

American forces set up checkpoints around Iraq on Thursday to intercept weapons, guerrillas and bombs. They fear that al-Zarqawi plans a string of car bombings in Baghdad, said Col. Michael Formica, commander of the 1st Cavalry Division's 2nd Brigade.

"There is clearly a transnational threat, as represented by al-Zarqawi, and that threat appears — based on what we've seen in Fallujah and Mosul today — to want to bring the attack to Baghdad," Formica said Thursday.

A large number of the dead from Thursday's attacks were killed in simultaneous car bombings in the northern city of Mosul, but some also died as U.S. troops battled the guerrillas.

"We underestimated the nature of the insurgency that we might face during this period, and so the insurgency that we are looking at now ... has become a serious problem for us," U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell told the British Broadcast Corp.

The assaults were launched in the morning on Thursday, when black-clad guerrillas attacked police stations and government complexes in Baghdad, Baqouba, Mosul, Ramadi and Mahaweel.

The heaviest fighting was in Baqouba, northeast of the capital, where guerrillas shot their way into a government office complex, seized two police stations and destroyed the home of the provincial police chief. The stations were recaptured Thursday afternoon, Maj. Neal O'Brien of the 1st Infantry Division said Friday.

Two American soldiers died in the Baqouba fighting, the 1st Infantry Division said.

Insurgents also attacked a police station in a Baqouba suburb late Thursday, killing three officers and injuring one, said Dr. Nassir Jawad, who is in charge of the Baqouba morgue. Isolated skirmishes were also reported nearby into Thursday evening, O'Brien said Friday.

Al-Zarqawi's followers claimed responsibility for Thursday's attacks in a statement posted on an Islamic Web site often used by his Tawhid and Jihad movement. The statement said the "occupation troops and apostates" — meaning Iraqi police — "were overwhelmed with shock and confusion."

Al-Zarqawi earlier claimed responsibility for the kidnappings and beheadings of American businessman Nicholas Berg and South Korean hostage Kim Sun-il, and an audiotape released Wednesday purporting to be by al-Zarqawi threatened to kill Iraq's prime minister.

Analysis of the tape showed it likely was al-Zarqawi's voice, a CIA official said Thursday.

American and Iraqi officials insisted the transfer of power would proceed as planned June 30. On Thursday, the coalition turned over the last 11 government ministries to Iraqi officials.

During the handover ceremony, interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said the attacks were "only acts of disturbances conducted by cowards" meant "to foil the democratic process."

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